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re: Under new management


After a long reign as leader through 8 ranks and founding the kinship Samcrow has resigned as leader of the Illuminati of Patriots and placed our new leader Cenefeil in charge of the kinship in its more developed and recent stage. Cenefeil has not only been the first level 85 in our kinship but also has been the third member in our kinship to reach the rank of officer (first being Necroticowl and the second being Agorand). Cenefeil is one of our most dedicated player if not the most dedicated player in our entire kinship. Although Samcrow will be missed dearly and has led the kinship through a golden era Cenefeil is the most suitable candidate for Samcrow's successor and I along with many others would love to help him lead the kinship. Congratulations Cenefeil.

Also on another note after Samcrow resigned as the leader I thought it was my turn to step down as his successor in order to start anew with a new management team. Although I have tried to help Samcrow as best I could with leading the Kinship with experience of leading a Kinship of my own I thought it would be best if the previous leader took this role as the new right hand man. Samcrow is a much better successor than I could ever be and I am certain he will aid Cenefeil as our new leader as best he can with the wise words of past experience in this role and although I am no longer the successor of the Kinship I will try to aid the Kinship just as dedicated as before. Congrats Samcrow.

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