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Welcome to the Patriots of Middle Earth Guild Launch page. We are a Rank 10 Casual Kinship on the 'Withywindle' server on Lord of the Rings Online. We try to make to make this game a positive experience for everyone and will try to help you in anyway we can and we will accept any member that applies to either our Kinship in game or Guild Launch page.

Welcome from the Founder
We have a Great group of active players and would really like to meet more people that have the same happy go lucky attitude. Myself and other core members of the Patriots of Middle Earth strive to level learn and master Middle-Earth but with a casual friendly, helpful atmosphere. We have a strong foundation of friendship and experience that will surely, one day, I hope, see us prevail all the way into Mordor.

- Samcrow

Wiki Page
Please also vist our Wiki Page on LOTRO Wiki. On this Wiki page there will be more in depth information about our Kinship. This includes many items that we have on our Guild Launch page plus a few extra nuggets about out kinship. So please vist our Wiki page to see more information about us.

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