There are many different rules within the kinship and they all must be respected equally however diobaying these rules have more sever punishments than others. However the most important thing in the kinship is to have fun :)


  1. No one’s experience in Lord of the Rings Online is to be lessened or soured by any other kinship member. If this is done by any kinship member this will result in an instant expulsion from the kinship.
  2. Please show respect to other kinship members. This is not as serious as the first because not showing respect to other kinship members does not necessarily make their Lord of the Rings Online experience less enjoyable but it does show a lack of courtesy. This will be issued with a verbal warning for first time offenders. Repeat offenders will get more sever punishments.
  3. Kinship chat will be clear of any swear words, advertisements or any other inappropriate behaviour. Depending on the severity of this offence a punishment will be issued out accordingly.
  4. You must only take what you need from the kinship crafting chests. If anyone is caught taking an excessive amount of resources they will be automatically kicked out from the kinship. If numerous individuals take more items what they need from these chests the chests will be locked up to only officers and restricted from normal kinship use.
  5. No one will steal any items from any kinship members or the kinship as a whole.  Although the previous rule covered the most common form of theft within the kinship this covers all other aspects within the kinship meaning Kinship Auction, Individual trades or any other means of transaction. This will also result in an immediate expulsion from the kinship.
  6. Always try to help any other players as best as we can. This involves helping players with things such as questing, skirmishes, instances, crafting or just general advice. There is no punishment for not doing this but it is very much appreciated if you would do this.
  7. Make a Player Note on your character. If it is your Main character please put the player note 'Main' or some variation of that. Any character other than your main character please put down 'Alt of (name of Main character)' or some variation of that. This is just a way we can keep track of who is who. There will be no punishment implimented for not doing this but it is highly encouraged.

Recritment Details

If you wish to be apart of the Guild Launch site please click the link on the top of the left hand collum saying; Apply to Kinship and if you want to fill out our breif application form and you will be accepted witthin 24 hours or less.

If you are on the Withywindle server and wish to be apart of the Patriots of Middle Earth in game just contact either the leader or one of the officers in the kinship. After you contact us we will accecpt you into the Kinship despite what Level, Race or Class you might be.


This segment will talk to you about how you can achive a higher rank within the Kinship, what ranks are avaliable and what privileges come with each particular rank. The advice and tips we give to you in order to have a beter chance of being promoted are mearly guide lines. You can choose to follow them or try to persue your own method of attempteing to become promoted, the advice we give is only recomended. 

General advice for promotion: 
- Ranks and Promotions are generally discussed by players from the leadership group of the kinship in advance. This means you should expect some delay before being promoted. So do not stop trying to achive these ranks just because we have not given it to you straight away.
- I have provided target levels for people to aim towards in order to further their chances of being promoted to a higher rank within the kinship. These target levels are not nessisary for promotion and if you achive these levels that does not nessisarilly mean you will be promoted. Reaching or not reaching these target levels does not replace hard work, deication to the kinship and a friendly personality. 
- Whatever rank you achive in game will be automatically be transfered to your rank on Guild Launch. If we forget to make an accurate transeral please contact either the leader of the kinship or one of the officers. If you are not a member in game you may achive ranks by making considrable contributions on the Guild Launch page and remember to be respectful towards others.

Rank 1Recruit 
Target Level: 1

All aplicants are always accepted into the Kinship despite level, class or race you are. When you are accepted into the Kinship you are automatically placed at our first level of recruit. If you are already an established member with a higher kinship rank within the kinship and you have an alternatle account that is the only excption to this rule most of the time.

With a recruit status you are eligable for the basic and fundamental privileges of what the kinship has to offer. These privlidges include access to the kinship house chest, participartpation of Kinship events and a say to how the kinship is goverened and run. After all, this kinship is run as a democracy.

Rank 2 - Kinsman
Target Level: 20

After being in the kinship for a little while you will be appicable for a promotion. Kinsman is a nessicarry and essintial stage in becoming a officer within our kinship (Rank 3). In order to be promoted to a Kinsman there are three methods you can take to be promoted to this rank.

1. The first way you can be promoted to kinsman is that you can be a good kinship member. This means to be very active on your account, be active in kinship chat and be helpful to other kinship members and the kinship as a whole.

2. The second way you can be promoted to kinsman is that you can join our Guild Launch page. The way you join has already been covered in the recruitment section before but we would always love people to join our Guild Launch page. If you go out of your way to click apply to kinship you will automatically be promoted to kinsman in game.

3. The final way you can be promoted to kinsman is to be active in our kinship for 10-14 days. Nothing beats an active member in our kinship so in order to reward this behaviour we made this final way of being promoted. The reason we have the 10-14 days is that if you are very active is that the more active you are the quicker you will become promoted but if you are a bit less active but still a regualar it may take you a few days more but the promotion will still eventually come to you.

If you recive this rank you recive not only the benifits you had as a recruit but you will also have a few addional ones. First of all in order to even be considered as a officer you must hold the rank of kinsman for a particualr period of time so you may even consider yourself a pending officer. Second of all you have more of a say in kinship decisions because we will take into consideration members who have been with us longer and have done more things to help the kinship rather than members who have just joined us. Lastly you now have access to posting items on kinship auction as opposed to just bidding on them.

Rank 3 - Officer
Target Level: 50

This rank is the higest rank anyone within the kinship can currently achive. This rank is what any member within the Kinship should strive towards if they are willing and able to help the Kinship develop even further than what it is currently. In order to achive this rank it is essential to be a kinsman for a prelonged period of time (as mentioned previoulsy). 

You must be well established within the kinship and trusted and respected by other members of the Kinship. It is highly recomended that you help the Kinship in any way you can, regualy help other members in need (despite the problem), make sure you socialise with other players as much as you can and most importantly make sure you have a happy and cheerful personality.

Although the expectations to become an offcer are great the rewards are even greater. 
First of all you will still retain the benifits you had as a kinsman and recruit. You will also have the most influentual say in the kinship and can decide on decisions before they are announced to the whole kinship. You will also have the prividge and ability of recruiting people into the kinship and expelling them if they deserve to be. You also have the ability to promote recruits to kinsmen and kinsmen to recruits. Another great benifit of being a officer is that you can choose whether you want a Individual lore for your character or not. If you decide you want one Agorand will write one up for you, this will be shown on the Kinship Lore tab on Guild Launch and on our Wiki page. You also have access to Officer Chat in game and the ability to change the Message of the Day (MotD) when you see fit.