Hey Kinnies,

This page is meant to explain what Kinship Items is and how to utilise it.

There are multiple parts that make up Kinship Items. The explanation for each of the following are explained below


1. Crafting Weeks

Crafting Weeks is intended to make the access of crafting materials easier and much more convienent than Kinship Crafting (explained below). Each week crafting materials are put onto Kinship Auction dedicated to a particular profession. Some of the things we will put onto kinship auction for Crafting Weeks is: raw resorces, critical items, crafting scrolls, crafting tools and more. For example if the week is dedicated to tailors we would put items on such as; Hides (raw resorces), Flax Fibres (critical items), tailor scrolls (crafting scrolls), tailor tools (crafting tools) and more (e.g. shards).

The Crafting Weeks will also follow a set rotation. Once a full rotation is complete it will start from the first week and then repeat the process. The weeks are in this order:

  1. Tailor/Forester (hides)
  2. Scholar
  3. Woodworker/Forester (logs)
  4. Metalsmith/Weaponsmith/Prospector
  5. Jeweller


2. Kinship Crafting

Kinship Crafting was designed to help people in the kinship level up in their specific crafting profession. The way this works is that particular people in the kinship have offered up their houses to store crafting items in their house chests for a particular crafting profession. The items in their house chests may include ingredients, scrolls, recipes, critical ingredients or other equipment you may need.

The way you can access this feature is by asking a officer to give you some items and then they will mail it to you. We also accept any donations you wish to give to the kinship. This is not complusory and you will not be penalised if you dnt donate anything. If you do decide to donate to the kinship you will be highly regarded by officers and leaders of the kinship. 

Here is a list of the following Kinship Crafting chests:

  • Kinship house: Jeweller/Tailor - 1 High road, Whichouse, Bree-land Homesteads
  • Agorand: Woodworker/Forester – 2 Long Street, Whichouse, Bree-land Homesteads
  • Cenefiel: Scholar - 4 Long Street, Whichouse, Bree-land Homesteads
  • Dramif: Metalsmith/Weaponsmith - 6 Long Street, Whichouse, Bree-land Homesteads
  • Libsig: Cooking/Farming - 2 broadford, Whichouse, Bree-land Homesteads


3. Kinship Reputation

Kinship Reputation was a idea made by one of our officers; Jomphrey. This idea was based off Kinship Crafting so many rules are similar but there are a few small variations.

Like Kinship Crafting this system was developed to help Kinship members gain reputation for various reputation factions around Middle Earth. It follows the same rules of Kinship Crafting of withdrawing items. If you wish to get some reputation items you have to ask an officer before they give it to you. Also with the slight variation of the rule to Kinship Crafting you can only have 1 request per week. This is because Reputation items are in such high demand.

The address of Jomphrey's house is the following:

  • Jomphrey: Reputation items - 6 Garden Street, Whichouse, Bree-land Homesteads


4. Kinship Auction

Kinship Auction is a system made by Turbine for every kinship in LOTRO. This system works the same as the normal Auction provided to players however only members within the kinship can acess it. 

Anyone in our kinship can purchase items and anyone who is the rank of kinsman or above can post items on Kinship Auction. The items put on Kinship Auction will be at a signifigantly reduced price. Although Kinship Auction will have a lot of Crafting items put on their due to Crafting Weeks feature the kinship has made it is not restricted to just crafting items but anything people wish to sell.


I hope you can all get what you need from this :)

- Agorand